Adriana Gheorghe


Adriana Gheorghe for Bedfont

Adriana has lived in the borough for the last 12 years with her family. She has a degree in Criminology, Policing, and Forensic Sciences and previously worked for the Metropolitan Police. She is now a foster carer and active in the local community as a mentor for children and charity volunteer.

Adriana says:


“I hope to become a local Councillor as I am enthusiastic and dedicated to serve the local community, I am optimistic and I have the confidence that I can bring new ideas, and perspectives that can make a positive difference for our local community.

I believe that I can bring a change to the local area by improving links between the council and us the residents.

I am a good listener and team member, and I will work closely with my colleagues and the local officers to monitor and shape the effectiveness of the policies and resources so that all the residents of the ward are benefited.

I will work industriously and zealously to improve the local facilities for youth, elderly , roads safety, fly tipping, waste collection and to improve the housing in our ward. I will use my skills and knowledge to tackle anti-social behaviour, drugs and crimes in our local area to make it safer for our coming generations. "

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