Bishnu Gurung


Bishnu Gurung for Hanworth Park

Bishnu was first elected as a Councillor in 2014, and served as the Borough’s Deputy Mayor for the following year. Bishnu works full time as a bus driver for Transport for London whilst also holding numerous voluntary positions. He is a caseworker for SSFA, the armed forces charity, serves as trustee and advisor to the Dewachan Buddhist Centre, and was the founding Chairman of the Gurkha Nepalese Community Hounslow. Previously, Bishnu served in the Brigade of Gurkhas, and received the award for Long Service and Good Conduct for his work.

In his time as a Councillor thus far, Bishnu has supported the formation of an association to improve the quality of Bridge House Pond and the surrounding area, the management of micro surfacing of Parkfield Crescent and surrounding roads, and planting trees throughout the ward. He has also worked to introduce more 20 mph speed limits across the ward, creating a safer environment for pedestrians and road users. Bishnu has also organised Feltham Remembrance Parade and worked hard to engage wider involvement in the Parade from different groups, resulting in increasing attendance year on year.

Bishnu is seeking re-election as a Councillor to support and serve the community, improve the lives of residents, and be a strong representative who ensures residents’ voices are heard. He also hopes to continue using his specific skills and experience to help those who can’t speak English, including elderly Nepalese residents.