Caoimhe Hale


Caoimhe Hale for Chiswick Homefields

Caoimhe is a lifelong resident of Chiswick Homefields, with experience campaigning on both local and national issues. She has a particular interest in environmental sustainability and wants to protect Chiswick’s green spaces. She is also keen to undertake work combatting air pollution in the area. 

Caoimhe is particularly passionate about the need for both young people and women to be represented in Chiswick, and is confident that she would do this well. She is currently completing her studies at the University of Manchester, where she is specialising in political literature. 

Caoimhe feels that there can always be more communication between constituents and the council. She would ensure she makes time to listen to the concerns of her local community and act accordingly on the issues most important to them. Her experience of peer mentoring and canvassing gives her confidence in this area, and she is now keen to make a difference to local residents through actively taking on casework.

Caoimhe is a strong advocate for the NHS. She understands the pressures felt particularly by adolescents and young people, and supports the continued provision of crucial mental health services, such as CAMHS. She also vocally opposes the closure of Charing Cross hospital, and has campaigned against this proposal extensively.