Hanif Khan


Hanif Khan for Hanworth Park

Hanif has lived in Hounslow all his life aside from a period studying Public Administration at university, which laid the foundations for his understanding of public services from the NHS to the police. Since November 2001 he has been running his own video production company and worked as a Radio and TV Broadcaster. Hanif is currently Cabinet member for Community Enforcement and Protection, working with the Police and other enforcement agencies to decrease anti-social behaviour, drug related crime and to keep Hounslow a safe place to work, live and visit.

Hanif has been involved with a number of committees and working groups covering areas from planning and scrutiny to digital and housing. Some of the work he is most proud of includes the community clean up in January 2018, which engaged many residents coming together as a team clearing more than 50 bags of rubbish left by Feltham Railway, supporting traffic-calming measures on the busiest roads used by pedestrians, and bringing forward the repair and micro resurfacing of numerous roads across Hanworth Park.

Hanif has championed community engagements with the local mosques and other establishments to make them feel safe in the aftermath of the barbaric attacks on our society levied towards the Muslims and to curtail the unrest in the community. Following the Borough Market attack in June 2017 he helped arrange a special meeting with senior members of mosques to establish open lines of communication at all levels.

Hanif also worked with a wonderful group of local residents to support in the formation of The Friends of Bridge House Pond Association to transform the pond from its state of dilapidation to a beautiful place that could be enjoyed by many. He also approved the formation of the Public Space Protection Order across the Borough to tackle anti-social behaviour more effectively.

Hanif says:

‘Hounslow is a wonderful place to live – a multicultural society where more than a 150 languages are spoken with many traditions and cultural activities taking place everyday. As a local Councillor I have had the privilege to serve many residents in wide-ranging ways, with over 500 pieces of casework.

Hanworth Park has a number of unique challenges and opportunities, such as the regeneration plan for Feltham in relation to the Master Plan and the Housing Zone.

As a Councillor I aim to serve the community I represent and to effect change in the neighbourhood for the betterment of the area and a link into the council, especially when communication breaks downs.’