Hina Mir


Hina Mir for Feltham West

Hina is standing for election in Feltham West. In the 20 years that Hina has lived in Hounslow, a lot has changed both in the environment around her and her own life, from starting studying to working as a Senior Principal Solicitor in her own law firm. As well as serving her local community as a Councillor, Hina has also served the Borough as Chair of Scrutiny Panel, and also made valuable contributions to planning and licensing committees.

Hina says: ‘My own financial struggle is what has made me realise that actually I can make a difference in the community I live in.  I started signposting young mums to places of interest to them, playgroups, free crèches and so on. I told people where they could go to access education hubs and other services, including the right council departments. This led me to think I could make a real difference to my community by standing for election as a Councillor. Since becoming a Councillor I have made a difference by working as a community person for my community.’

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