Javed Akhunzada


Javed Akhunzada for Bedfont

Javed has lived in Hounslow for the past 13 years with his family and has deep connections with the local community. He practices law at a local firm of solicitors in Hounslow. Javed hopes to become Councillor so he can help others to have their voices heard. He believes he has the drive and passion to serve his ward and the Borough to make a real difference to the quality of local residents’ lives by harnessing his professional skills.

He is keen to work with other officers to shape, direct and monitor the effectiveness of the local services and resources for the benefit of all residents of Hounslow. His key areas of interest include improvement of local parks, road safety, ensuring the provision of positive and healthy activities for young people, and improving services for elderly people. Using his own sector knowledge, he also wants to ensure that the Council does what it can to help local businesses thrive.

Outside of work Javed loves reading, going for walks with his little daughter. He works tirelessly and passionately volunteering with local charities promoting community cohesion and improved facilities for children.