John Chatt


John Chatt for Feltham North

John has lived in the Borough for 72 years and served as a Councillor in Feltham North since 1986. In 1989/90 John was Mayor of Hounslow and spent 11 years as the Leader of the Council. He retired as a Terminal Duty Manager at Heathrow in 2000, and received Freedom of the Borough for his 25 years’ service.

John has achieved lots for the people of Hounslow as a Councillor responding to residents’ comments. He has ensured the resurfacing of the majority of roads in the ward which were in poor condition, and oversaw the completion of significant improvements to street lighting following complaints. He also supported Feltham Lodge as a new Registration Office for births, deaths, and marriages. John has also worked on seeing large trees around the ward pruned, and improving parking rules and road markings.

John is committed to holding regular surgeries for residents, and has an excellent record of attendance for meetings. As a very experienced Councillor John would like to continue to use his extensive knowledge of Local Government for the benefit of the residents.