John Stroud-Turp


John Stroud-Turp for Turnham Green

John has recently retired from the Army after 35 years of service. He now works as a consultant and trustee and is also a West London Magistrate. John is also the Secretary for the Gunnersbury Station Action Group. He has lived in the Turnham Green ward for 24 years and is well aware of the issues that concern both the residents and those who work in the area.

He is equally aware of the issues and concerns which affect the wider Borough of Hounslow, and says:

‘For too long Turnham Green has suffered from representation by Tory Councillors whom seem to have little interest in the needs of those who live and work in Chiswick; they seem intent on frustrating and criticising the efforts of the council rather than working constructively for a better Borough. I have the commitment, skills and passion to work for the people of Chiswick, to put residents needs first and deliver positive and effective solutions to local problems.  Hounslow Council will continue to face hard choices and demanding challenges as result of this Tory government’s vicious cuts to council funding. This means that more than ever we need councillors who are prepared to work hard for the residents putting the resident at the centre of everything the council does and never forgetting that the council and the councillors are there to serve all those who live, work or study in Hounslow.’