Rakib Ruhel


Rakib Ruhel for Chiswick Riverside

Rakib has been a resident of the Chiswick Riverside ward since 1998. He is the founder member of GBnews24.com, an online media outlet with and active readership and following of over 2.5 million people, through which he aims to raise awareness of injustices around the world.

Rakib also runs a successful business situated in Brentford High Street serving the local community, and critically providing training for young members of society in restaurant cuisine and cultural awareness. Supporting young people is one of Rakib’s top priorities, and he says ‘I believe that young people can and will most definitely make a change both artistically and actively’.

Rakib is also an active member of several charitable committees, providing help and advice where he can. It is his constant first-hand work serving people across the community that has given him experience in helping people deal with difficult situations that he feels would be a great asset if elected as a Councillor.

 ‘I have a genuine passion to help those in need and if elected, I will work hard to serve my ward residents.’