Ruth Mayorcas


Ruth Mayorcas for Turnham Green

Ruth Mayorcas has lived in Chiswick since 1972, and her parents lived here in the 1920s-40s, so she really feels Chiswick is in her DNA! Following her work in theatre and then at the BBC, working as everything from Floor Assistant to Associate Producer, Ruth has committed much of her time to voluntary work and campaigning on local community issues.

She has a son of 26 who went to both Belmont Primary School and Chiswick Community School following in his Grandfather's footsteps.

Ruth has followed Council affairs with keen interest for many years, and has been attending Area Forums and Council Planning meetings whenever she can and is an active member of West Chiswick and Gunnersbury Society which vets local planning issues. Independently, she has monitored recycling, litter, road and pavement surface issues, and followed these up with the Council where necessary. Following her interest in public transport and dedication to dealing with local concerns around Gunnersbury Station, Ruth Mayorcas is now part of Ruth Cadbury MP’s working group on the future of the station.

Ruth has volunteered with a number of groups, including Pensioners Alone at Christmas and more recently Crisis at Christmas. In addition to a particular concern for homelessness, Ruth is passionate about services for vulnerable young people, and is a committed volunteer for the Hounslow Youth Offending Service, which is where young offenders are referred to rather than being given a custodial sentence. From this she has seen first-hand how poor education provision, poor housing and difficult living conditions can result in anti-social behaviour.

Ruth is a strong believer in good, local state education for all. As a parent she worked with other Parents and Teachers on Active Travel Plans to create safe routes for children and parents to walk and cycle to school. Now, she is particularly concerned about retention of teachers in Chiswick, as it is classed as Outer London for teacher salaries and yet house prices are amongst the highest in London. Ruth also notes that ‘as a single parent, albeit in a good job I was well aware of the difficulties of having good affordable childcare and this is an issue for me’. 

Ruth is a Member of CHATR and believes in a Better not Bigger Heathrow and is concerned by the consequences of the proposed expansion on air and noise pollution for local people.

Ruth says, ‘I would like to see a less polluted, less vehicle-dominated Chiswick with successful shops, schools and proper social housing provision here where people need it. I am also fervently in support of safe and segregated cycle infrastructure which will do so much for an inclusive and healthier society.'

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