Sohan Sumra


Sohan Sumra for Hounslow West

Sohan has lived in Hounslow West since he moved to the UK in 1965. Having lived here and raised three children with his wife of fifty years, he now hopes to serve as a Councillor.

For 25 years Sohan worked for British Airways, until an industrial injury forced him into early retirement. It was in this time that he realized the value of trade unions, the representation of workers, and the fight for workers’ rights.

Since then, Sohan has run a small business part time, and was elected to serve several terms on the executive committee of the Southall Sri Guru Singh Sabha , aiding in the administration and running of two of the largest Sikh temples in the world. This has enabled him to get involved in many community and interfaith activities.

Sohan loves this vibrant area, and enjoys walking around Hounslow every day. He believes he would be a good Councillor as he has fresh ideas and drive alongside the crucial ability to listen and learn from others.